Are Salman and Katrina still Together?

Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif are always in the news for their relationship. Every day, new stories come up about their relationship status. So, what is the actual fact??? Are they single or couple? This is the question which all Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif fans are wondering.

If we look at their [Salman_Katrina] relationship history carefully we can say that these couples were always together and never got separated.

On India TV’s Janata ki Adalat with Rajat Sharma, Salman Khan was recently invited where he was also promoting his movie Dabangg. He was asked many questions on his life and statements by Rajat Kapoor.

When he asked Salman Khan about his relations with Katrina, Salman said he gets pissed of whenever he is being asked about his relationships with her. Salman also says they all ask such questions to raise their TRP. There is other news which is more important than his being with Katrina, but the breaking news on NEWS channels are “is Salman still seeing Katrina”.

He purposely gives different statements on different channels or different interviews because he is not interested in commenting on this question but is asked again and again.

The biggest proof of Salman never had a break up with Katrina is they are working together in her sisters project ‘Bodyguard’.

If you see Salman’s past with other actress, you will notice that once Salman Khan breakup with an actress he never works with them as it is obvious both will not feel comfortable. But, Salman is working with Katrina which proves that they never broke up.

There might be some fight between them, which always happened between all couples but this couple never broke up. Salman is with Katrina for around 7 years which is a big time.

Alvira Agnihotri, who is Salman’s sister, is making her directorial debut with ‘Bodyguard’ and has casted Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif. The movie will start in the month of December and will be released on Eid in 2011. Releasing on Eid has proved lucky for Salman Khan after the success of 'Wanted' and 'Dabangg'.

Under these circumstances, it does not seem that Salman and Katrina have broken up. It is clear that Salman and Katrina are still together. And, we hope they do so. The fans want to see them get married and live a happy married life.

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